9 Tips to Rock at Networking9 Tips to Rock at Networking9 Tips to Rock at Networking9 Tips to Rock at Networking

Skirt (dress worn as a skirt): J.Crew | Blouse: Vintage | Shoes: Vera Wang | Bag: Zara | Bracelets: Charming Charlie’s

It’s January 15th, but I just now am beginning to feel like I am getting into the groove of 2014. A fun weekend in California for the Auburn game, lots of new arrivals for Klury, catching up from the holidays etc. etc. To be honest, it has been a miracle if I’ve changed out of my workout clothes the past two weeks.

Thankfully I had a meeting last night, which was the perfect excuse to pull out some polka dots and dress up. I used my favorite styling trick again, wearing a dress as a skirt (did it again here and here). A fun print, a little lipstick and some heels can make all of the difference!

I am feeling excited about the new year. 2014-let’s do this!

On an unrelated note, are you watching the Bachelor this season? 

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  1. This is my favorite outfit of yours. But I will say that I totally love the new shorter hair. Suits you so well!

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