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Ken Bre 279

Ken Bre 180


Ken B 063

Ken B 049

It is no secret that Free People is my favorite store, so I decided to do a small appreciation post for all of my favorite items from them.

Photo credit goes to the wonderful photographer Breea Guttery.

Shop the items:


Purple dress is out of season.

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I have always loved fashion and the self expression that is allowed when choosing which outfit to wear each day; I try and change my style as much as I can, going from boho, to grunge, to preppy in order to keep myself entertained. I am now the web content writer for Klury and enjoy getting to work with designer clothes.
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2 Responses to Free People Favorites

  1. Lady – you are GORGEOUS! How is this the first time that I am at your blog? Well it’s def not my last! Can’t wait to see what else you style!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

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