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Three Ways to Match Without Trying too Hard

Matching (2)




The head-to-toe denim look is huge right now! With this look you’re matching, but in an effortless way; mixing and matching denim washes is a great way to be comfortable, casual, and classy all in one. You can never wear too much denim. 

matching 3


This look matches on a smaller scale using similar colored leather shoes and belt; this strategy will give you more flexibility with the rest of your outfit like a different color blazer. Throwing in a lighter shade of the color used to match is great way to tie in the color scheme, but not make it obvious that you were trying to match.


Last, but not least, wearing all black is by far the easiest way to match.  Head-to-toe black gives off the appearance of being dressed up, but is the most effortless way to look nice. All black will make you look classy, and really, who doesn’t own black?

Which look would you feel most comfortable wearing?

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What’s In My Bag: Kennedy’s Edition

Kennedy Bag

Being a full-time creative writing student at Arizona State and working for Klury three days out of the week leaves me wanting to just carry around the items I absolutely need. I switch bags a lot, so I try to keep what I carry at a minimum to make switching quicker and easier.

What are my essentials?

Well it is my opinion that everyone should carry around a planner, you never know when you are going to need to schedule an appointment or make a “to-do” list; planners are a great way to stay organized and if you’re a student and employed, like me, we have our hands full constantly! My journal is always with me no matter where I go, being a creative writing major I need to be able to jot down any ideas that pop into my head (which is frequently) and a pen, of course, is a must as well. Living in Arizona my skin goes dry all the time, so carrying around a bottle of lotion is a life saver; the Ed Hardy lotion I use smells amazing. Since social media never sleeps I bring my iPhone and Mac with me to stay up-to-date and contribute to the buzz of photos being uploaded to Instagram, snapping a photo of my outfit of the day or a delicious meal keeps me entertained. Don’t ever be caught with a dead phone, bring your charger with you so you can always stay in touch with your friends!

What are your essentials? Do you use the same bag everyday, or switch it up?

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6 Clothes Cleaning Secrets

6 clothes cleaning secrets |

With the amount of pre-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories we sort through on a daily basis, we have become quite the experts when it comes to cleaning and refreshing wardrobe pieces. Sometimes a simple trip to the dry cleaner or rinse cycle won’t do the trick, so these are 6 of our secret tools to conquer stains and wear.

1) Pantyhose: The weave of pantyhose removes residue from lotions and deodorants.

Use on Clothing.

3) Baby Wipes:Whether trying to remove a denim stain from a light-colored leather handbag or spruce up a dirty pair of shoes, baby wipes are a life saver. The gentle wipes help us tackle the biggest of problems.

Use on Shoes and Handbags.

3) Dryer Sheets: Have a clingy dress or a musky handbag? Rubbing a dryer sheet on the inside of a dress will help remove static. Or, store your handbag with a dryer sheet inside to remove any odors.

Use on Shoes, Clothing, Handbags.

4) Masking Tape: Cleaning the inside of a handbag? Roll a pice of masking tape and press inside hard to reach pockets and crevices to remove any dirt or crumbs.

Use on Handbags.

5) Lint Rollers: Lint rollers are a universal clothing cleaner. A quick swipe across the sole of shoes removes dirt and residue. On clothing, lint rollers remove pet hair and fuzz.

Use on Shoes and Clothing.

6) Nursery Air Freshener Pods: Arm & Hammer’s air freshener pods not only neutralize dirty diaper pails, but also make a great odor neutralizer for shoes. Slip a pod in each shoe or boot to keep your footwear smelling great.

Use on shoes.

Are there any household items you use to keep your wardrobe clean and fresh?

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Seven Swim Trunks For Summer ’14

Menswear Swim Trunk Guide |

Image via

Spring is here and summer will soon follow, so now is the perfect time to get “swim ready” with these seven different looks. It is time to ditch those boring swim trunks and try these on for size! With the heat comes minimal clothing, but you can still stand out with less fabric; try brighter colors or bolder patterns, or you could even mix both, be as bright as the summer sun. There is a swim short here for every type of man and they are sure to get you noticed (this pair is husband approved); whether you are going to a BBQ, a sandy beach, or lounging at a resort, all of these suits will get the job done.

Which short is best suited for your summer needs? Where will they take you?

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A Closet Edit Recap

If there’s one thing I am passionate about, it is making people feel confidant in what they wear. A few Saturday’s ago, I had the pleasure of helping a local, busy professional tackle her closet. As a mom, wife, and successful business owner, Mrs. P was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to get ready in the mornings.

The Klury Edit

We spent a full Saturday (12 hours!) tackling 25 years of closet build up and giving her the tools for easy dressing. When I left that Saturday night, we had cleared out 250+ pounds of clothes, shoes, and bags to donate and sell. Mrs. P is now armed with the tools for no-stress dressing and a style guide to help her maintain her wardrobe.

The Klury Edit


I must admit, I am a bit jealous of her new streamlined closet, complete with chandelier!

The Klury EditWe are a few short weeks away from launching an exciting new division to Klury. This post will give you a hint at what’s in store. We’re ready to take a innovative approach to editing, styling, and organizing your wardrobes!

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What’s in My Bag: Work Edition + A Vlog

What's in my bag | Work Bag

When it comes to bags, I am of the belief that the bigger the better! On a typical day, I am running around town from the park for fitness bootcamp, to client’s homes for wardrobe edits, to the office to work on my to-do lists. Finding a chic bag large enough to fit my planner, laptop, and other necessities is never an easy task. This Phillip Lim for Target tote has been a lifesaver over the past few months. Not only does it have room to hold my day-to-day essentials, but it also makes for a great travel bag.

Want more details on how I use the contents of my bag? Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and watch my vlog here.

Do you prefer large totes or small purses?

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The Closet Cleaning Playlist

The Closet Cleaning Playlist |

When cleaning your closet, you need some sort of distraction to get you through the task. This closet cleaning playlist does just the trick with 21 different songs by a variety of artists.  It lasts just over an hour and twenty minutes; just long enough to tackle your closet.

Some of our favorites on this playlist are “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J, “Falling” by Haim, “Salad Days” by Mac DeMarco, and “Christmas Kids” by Arizona local band, Roar. We took care to choose titles most people would have never heard before; a surprise awaits after every song. An upbeat playlist is sure to help pass the time and this one does it well.

What are your favorite songs from this playlist? What helps keep your attention while you clean your closet?

Closet Cleaning Playlist by Klurydotcom on Grooveshark

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The Sock Guide: 8 Socks Every Man Needs To Own

Menswear Monday 8 Socks Every Guy Needs |

Shop our sock picks:

Just because you’re at work, does not mean you have to wear boring socks. You can still look professional in these bold printed socks while making a statement. All eight pairs have classic patterns, but have a certain twist to them… their unique color! Four different patterns with two separate occasions, work and play; however, while wearing these colorful, yet professional socks, you won’t even feel like you’re getting dressed for a day at work. Who knows, maybe if you’re feeling even more bold you can wear some of the ‘play’ socks to work and see how many eyes you catch!

What do you think? Do you tend to play it safe with your socks or go bold?

Have you checked out our Men’s Tie Guide and Wallet Guide?

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Oscar Dresses: The Best Dressed Infographic

Oscar Dresses Over the Years |

With the 66th Annual Oscars just a few days away, Media Run Digital created one of the coolest infographics around. The collection of sketches depicting the dresses worn by the Best Actress award recipient makes its fun to see how the styles and silhouettes have changed over the years.

Will you be watching the Oscars on Sunday? Who is your pick for best Actress? What was your favorite movie of 2013? My vote goes to The Wolf of Wallstreet. 

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